I’ve had the good fortune of riding many different types of horses. With this experience, I have met horses with varying degrees of inspiration. I find myself wondering how they got to be in the mental state they arrive to me in.

I admit that I have fallen prey to anthropomorphising. I do, after all, LOVE a good story. But, in the end, I can only work with what is in front of me. In the last year, I have found myself having to deal with horses that ranged from the type that would balance my checkbook if I asked, to the type that demands a smoke break before I even get on with the work. Obviously, I prefer the former. But, the latter really demands that I think about how to make things fun and meaningful to the horse.

I really enjoy the process of presenting information that makes sense and instills a confidence in the horses. Seeing them have a ” lightbulb moment” and figure out how to “try” is so much fun.

This makes the work I get o do with them so rewarding.